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Welcome to Adair & Associates Safety and Security Risk Management Consulting.

Sam Adair and Adair & Associates provides Security Risk Management Consulting and Project Management to small and large Corporations, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Distribution Industries, and Casino and Gaming venues around the world.

Adair & Associates, as safety and security consultants can provide an independent third party site analysis of your present security programs, as well as an evaluation report on the overall "vulnerability" of your business, along with programs that may improve your "secure environment".

Adair & Associates also provides guidance in "start up" applications in the areas of personnel staffing and training, building and asset security, cctv surveillance, alarm systems, fiscal internal controls, pre-employment background searches, and internal theft detection and prevention programs.

The following is a summary of security consulting services that can be an effective deterrent to loss of assets, including inventory controls, employee security and morale, as well as Risk Analysis to reduce incidents of workplace violence, and proactive loss prevention security programs.

Security & Risk Management Consulting Services:

Corporate, Industrial and Casino Security Programs and Systems Consulting.

Automated Access & Alarm Systems Design / Evaluation Consulting Programs.

Closed Circuit TV Surveillance Systems Design / Evaluation Consulting.

Internal Theft and Fraud Investigation Consulting.

Workplace Violence and Security Program Consulting.

Security Risk Analysis / Loss Prevention Consulting.

Pre-Employment Background Verification:

Ensures the accuracy of information as supplied by the applicant, and would be considered a "reasonable effort" in future litigation of "due diligence" in the employer's investigation of the employee or applicant. Custom designed Information packages can include database searches on information such as: Education verification; Personal Reference verification; Drivers License records verification; Address and Social Security Number verification; Pre-employment Credit searches; Workman’s Compensation searches; etc.

Criminal History Records Check (Felony & Misdemeanor):

Provides confidential information relating to the "integrity" of the applicant's previous history. This information search is considered "due diligence" in any future litigation due to incidents of employee violence or other unforeseen actions that place other employees "in harms way".

Internal Theft Investigations:

A third party investigation of incidents can provide an un-biased, in depth inquiry into asset losses that occur from employee, vendor or customer related thefts from the workplace environment. These investigations can be either overt, or covert in nature at the client's discretion.

Employee Injury & Workman’s Compensation Claims:

Investigations of possible fraudulent employee injury claims that can cost employers thousands of dollars if paid assuming "all" claims are valid. This investigation can also validate legitimate claims by employees, vendors or customers while on premises.

Risk Analysis

Site Risk Analysis of workplace and building security from outside and inside sources identify and reduce possible vulnerability threats to workplace and building security.

Risk analysis in areas of cash handling / accounting operations, accounts payable / receivables, inventory and distribution can determine possible actions of fraud and design prevention controls that can be implemented to eliminate inappropriate activities.

Client safety issues are reviewed in order to eliminate possible liability and workplace injuries.

Consulting Services Information

Many companies neglect to either place security programs into their operations, or after initiating security programs, fail to re-evaluate these programs after periods of growth to insure the current systems are still adequate for protection of the employees and assets. Adair & Associates can complete a specially designed security survey that will highlight areas of improvement, and develop programs to tighten controls in these areas. We can also implement or upgrade present security personnel training programs to accommodate changes as needed.

It is also important to provide security in the workplace environment for employees so that acts of workplace violence and asset losses can be eliminated and future litigation losses by disgruntled employees are reduced or eliminated by prevention programs. "Due Diligence" investigations are considered most important when litigation occurs as a result of workplace violence. Employers are considered to have the legal responsibility to screen for such possible actions by prospective employees and background investigations represent an attempt at "due diligence" when litigations occur. Building and workplace access controls are evaluated in a security survey that is part of the risk analysis program. Don't wait for these actions occur, consider actions to prevent them now !

It is common knowledge that companies should check credentials on employees for accuracy and any unusual circumstances or prior criminal histories or acts, before offering a position to a prospective employee. However many companies only give a surface check for important positions such as cashier, controller, payroll and accounts payable clerks, etc. Many employers learn to their future dismay that the employee trusted with setting up and payment to suppliers and vendors committed fraudulent acts such as "false vendor payments" to non-existent suppliers, only to pocket the payments themselves. Trusted positions are a privilege, shouldn't you be secure in the knowledge that the people you place in these positions are worthy of your trust?

Companies that are preparing to enter into new business relationships or mergers should be aware of any questionable practices or possible fraudulent acts committed by either the prospective firm or its officers and management staff.

Take the case of one manufacturing company that was planning to hire an advertising agency to market a new product. The agency had provided several strong references, but investigators found that all of the references were located at the same address as the agency itself. Individual telephone lines were set up at the location, with each company name pasted on the respective telephones so that the receptionist would remember which company was being represented. As a result, the manufacturer selected another more reputable ad agency.

An investigation of a pending merger agreement by the acquiring company revealed that one of the principals within the company being acquired filed bankruptcy within the past two years and failed to divulge these facts within the merger agreement. Falsification of these facts led to further discovery of misleading inflated financial information regarding his company and as a result the merger was terminated, saving the acquiring company several thousands if not millions of dollars.

Closed Circuit Television systems are an effective method to deter internal theft of equipment, inventory stock, "intellectual property", monetary assets and at the same time, assist to control access into secured areas of sensitive operations, and provide a detailed audit trail of entries by video or "digital" recording. There are many different types and uses for CCTV systems from single covert camera placement to give "temporary" coverage to problem areas, thru multiple overt cameras and recording systems that provide deterrents to theft by conveying the message "you are being observed" to employees and visitors alike. CCTV systems provide answers to questionable activity without causing open morale problems within employee personnel.

Current technology is available for implementation of "automated access systems" that control access into sensitive areas that should not be available to "un-authorized" persons, by allowing entry only to those "pre-authorized" by approval. These access control systems are designed to be passive and operate in the background by card access such as employee ID cards, proximity readers for hands off access, integrated with employee time records, etc. Such systems can be designed to effectively reduce the possibility of internal theft without causing poor employee morale due to "screening" of employees. These systems are cost effective and can be designed to be retrofit installed in current offices and buildings with minimal disruption of current access and services.

These modern access systems can be programmed to regulate access by certain persons to hours and minutes on specified days, with or without multiple exits and entries. An access control system properly programmed for a client's specified needs can regulate access and provide a detail use report for employee volumes on an unlimited scale, either locally, across the country or even around the world at multiple sites.

Coupled with cctv and alarm coding, an attempt to access a point by an unauthorized individual can be displayed on monitors in a security command center, alarms can provide for local security personnel or police department response, and record digital images for later observation or evidentiary purposes.

This type of response system can be used to provide a secondary approval process for access into highly controlled areas such as mainframe computer systems areas, corporate management areas, or main system mechanical areas.

Asset protection and security programs can be evaluated during the security audit to insure high dollar or sensitive items are protected from unauthorized removal and use within secured areas. If needed, Asset Loss Prevention programs can be developed that "automatically log all identified items" moved through specified doors or openings and record these items as being in the possession of the employee moving the item(s).

In manufacturing environments, loss prevention programs can be designed to identify expensive tools, test items, portable equipment, computers, and other trackable company property. Security can be educated in the methodology to detect these items if attempts at removal occur.

Adair & Associates is available for consulting programs within the casino industry, to provide assistance in the areas of "Game Protection", both table games and slot programs. Sam Adair can provide training to dealers and floor persons as well as security and surveillance personnel that will enhance their abilities to detect and apprehend card manipulators and slot machine scam artists that divert casino revenues into their own pockets.

Internal investigations are also available to review and detect internal fraud committed by employees in cash handling and counting areas, as well as accounts payable and receivables. Fraud is common place in areas where there is large amounts of cash flow and the internal controls are not adequate to overcome "skimming" and account manipulation. Employee theft from the workplace is not uncommon in companies that operate either 24 hours or allow access into cash handling facilities without adequate supervision and/or controls.

Take one example of the slot technician or floor person that accesses the slot machine for jams and repairs. This person generally removes "a coin or token" to play off the machine, or to reset the machine for play. Many cases have been found where this person takes "several" coins and only uses one to reset the machine, with the rest going into a concealed pocket, later to be exchanged as "tips". If this happens to be a $1.00 slot machine, and the person accesses up to 300 machines during a shift, then $300.00 is removed from the casino per day in internal theft. Multiply this by 5 to 10 employees, and your daily losses can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.

OR the blackjack dealer that gives his "associate" $100 in chips for a $10 cash "buyin" at the table, then leaves after playing one hand, cashes in his chips and they meet later and split the $90 internal theft.

Investigations and training techniques can be provided to in-house security and surveillance staff to uncover and eliminate these type of problems!


Sam Adair and Adair & Associates can provide an analysis of current systems and programs, giving recommendations to upgrade or reconfigure your present security systems and provide guidelines for proper internal controls, design training programs to upgrade present security, identify areas of risk and offer solutions to limit threat exposure.

If you currently do not have a security program in place, we can design one that is "customized" to your particular operational style and needs. Adair & Associates does not "sell systems" or, have any manufacturer affiliation, so we can design systems and programs tailored to your needs within your budget considerations that have no particular alliances with either equipment or vendor preferences. We can then survey the vendor market and assist or recommend vendors that will install and maintain security systems with your specifications and budget requirements. We can also provide Project Management to coordinate and supervise installation if desired.

Adair & Associates can provide confidential inquiries into prospective business relationships, employees and internal theft problems. When an employee files a workman’s injury claim, can you be sure it is valid? Has this employee injured themselves on a previous job, or was the injury actually done at work and not at home or on a second job? Are the corporate officers in the company you are contemplating doing business with ethical, have they been involved in prior questionable practices? Are your inventories accurate, has there been an unexplained shortage; a sudden drop in revenue without a reduction in business? Have your manufacturing costs escalated without reason, or has your "scrap" rate increased due to intentional acts. Do you have a complete workplace violence plan? How accessible is your income producing area, your computer database, your corporate executive area, your proprietary information?

To answer these and other questions you may have, Sam Adair / Adair & Associates would welcome the opportunity to work with you to examine areas of concern, and evaluate your security needs and objectives. Your concerns are our priorities! Please give us a call, send us a letter, or email us direct for a confidential conference to determine if we can be of benefit to you and your organization. There is no cost or obligation, so you have nothing to loose,

... other than what you've possibly already lost ...

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